Put it on and can’t take it off|Noise-canceling headphones how to choose

Today is a share of headphones.

Many colleagues and friends know that I am a headphone control.

Due to the need to spend a long time in front of the computer to do the map, listening to songs has become a necessary part of my work.

The headphones used in the work has also undergone several upgrades.

Currently using the Anker Life Q35, is after repeated comparisons with several other headphones before deciding to get it.

Overall very satisfied with the use!


Ear cups part is fully wrapped ear memory foam, wear it does not press the ear suffocating, very soft. Headband inside is soft padding, outside is leather, wear it does not choke the head, very comfortable.

A good headset, wear both to be able to clip the head, but not too tight. The length of this one can be freely adjusted, the elasticity is just right. Currently use down to work when wearing 2-3 hours will not feel pinched head, very comfortable.

Noise canceling effect

Q35 of this, there is intelligent active noise cancellation function.

The headset has eight microphones, through which four to filter noise, real-time detection of environmental sound, analysis to determine what kind of noise cancellation mode is needed.

This place has a suggestion: turn off the voice prompts for switching modes, because every automatic switch of noise cancellation mode will sound a voice prompt!

Multipoint Connection:Simultaneously connect Life Q35 to 2 devices to easily switch between making calls, listening to music, online meetings, and more.

Soundcore by Anker Life Q35 Multi Mode Active Noise Cancelling Headphones,40H Playtime, Comfortable Fit, Clear Calls

With the iPhone can call Siri, voice control, broadcast information, and take off that stop, put on that play, which is really no difference with the native headset!

Through the “find headphones” can easily find headphones, hear the beeping sound to find, no longer afraid of headphones lost!

Storage bag is very strong, very good protection headphones, put in completely afraid of pressure.


Turn on active noise cancellation can also be used continuously for 36 hours, this compared to other popular headphones 20-30 hours of life, can be said to be a win.

I basically use at work, charging once enough to use a week.

Sound quality

I have not tried several other popular headphones, can not do a horizontal comparison of sound quality.

The overall feeling is that the highs are bright, the mids have some thickness and breadth, and the bass is deep and powerful.

Listening to this thing is more subjective, but this Q30 is enough for me.



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