Wireless charging in the car is very “chicken”? This is the correct opening position!

Cell phones as a necessity, the replacement frequency is getting faster and faster, the manufacturers are also changing ways to upgrade the technology. QI’s wireless fast charging technology was exposed and quickly became a strong selling point.

Today, wireless charging technology is indeed increasingly mature, both to avoid the tedious line cord and save the money to buy a data cable, most people will choose to buy a wireless charging dock.

So wireless charging usage is high? The specific use, not necessarily very convenient than the charger. For friends who often drive, a wireless car charger is a very practical “magic tool”.
Wired charging, we often need to free our hands to unplug the phone for calls or charging, very unsafe and very troublesome. And wireless charging is a good solution to this problem.

Choose wireless car charger generally depends on stability, charging efficiency, and security of these three points

Of course, the quality and design of different brands of the product itself are also important, some of the quality of the not-so-good bracket car charger clip at the buckle is also easy to loosen, unstable.

Charging efficiency, now the wireless car charging standard varies, some only support 5 ~ 7W, but some support 20W, but similar to ordinary charging, mainly depends on the power of the phone itself.

For example, iPhone 8 wireless power support 5W, then the choice of 7.5W and 15W wireless charging base the time required for a full charge is not much different, are more than three hours. And Huawei, Xiaomi, and other support power are higher, the corresponding charging speed is faster.

However, an efficient wireless car charger should also take into account the point of heat dissipation. If the charge is prone to heat, then it is easy to damage the phone and the car is a safety hazard.

So, how do choose a practical and safe wireless car charger? Not anxious, Let me recommend a few to you.

QI15W Wireless Car Charger

Speaking of which, the wireless car charging bracket of choice is QI, durable, and extremely cost-effective. Some of the officials labeled features:

1. Intelligent dual-chip and pure copper coil make the phone holder safer and upgrade speed by 70%.

2 pure electric, easy to cope with a variety of road conditions

3 strong capacitance, no electricity can also withstand, after turning off the engine can still be normally open and close 4-5 times.

4 One-handed operation, easy to take and put.

15W Qi magnetic wireless car charger phone holder

This wireless car charger is magnetic, the bottom of the suction is very tight, very solid, there is a combination of black and white is also very beautiful. Mechanical press to open, a key lock, stable and firm without noise.

Only need a one-hand operation, convenient and quick. 360-degree rotation, perspective arbitrary adjustment, horizontal and vertical screen you can freely choose. Suitable for most cell phones, good compatibility. 7 pieces 45° customized and constant magnetic field to minimize the impact on the phone signal and charging speed. It can also automatically and accurately match the iPhone 12 magnetic suction module adsorption tight, stable and solid

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