JBL PULSE4 review: dazzling sound quality, visible good sound

JBL PULSE4 review: dazzling sound quality, visible good sound

As a lover of life after 80, digital products have a great love. Especially the audio-visual products, especially like. I recently got this new product: JBL PULSE4 Music Pulse IV portable Bluetooth speaker. The first time to review with you, this super hot speaker, in the end, what is the charm?

1, unboxing review
The entire outer packaging with a rigid carton design, the front of the package is the overall effect of this speaker. Look at the effect will know how colorful it is. Open the box cover, you can see the speaker.
With a history of more than 70 years JBL, is always focusing on the pursuit of pure sound quality, the new product can bring us what kind of extraordinary experience?
The whole body is particularly rounded, the whole body is made of transparent acrylic, JBL PULSE4 compared to the previous generation, from the JBL PULSE3 360 degree light show upgraded to a full 360-degree screen dazzling light show. The overall visual experience will be better.
JBL PULSE4’s body uses acrylic as a shell so that the light effect has a crystal-like sense of transparency. In addition, the acrylic material used is very thick and hard, the general strength of the extrusion will not deform and break, you can carry it out without fear of damage caused by bumping.
The JBL PULSE4 is IPX7 rated for water and drop resistance, and the special coating material ensures that the body is strong, durable, and fingerprint-free. No matter how harsh the environment is, it can easily cope.
The upper part of the body is designed with several touch buttons in one week, which is the power on button, volume button and Bluetooth, party button, etc. With a protruding design, it can be felt by touch and can be easily controlled in a dark environment.
The side part of the speaker is the charging port, which uses the popular TYPE-C connector. With one full charge, you can achieve a long standby time. PULSE4 can enjoy up to 12 hours of smooth music playback with one charge, no need to worry about the party music coming to a screeching halt, so you can experience a constant stream of quality music.
The top and bottom of the JBL PULSE4 are likely to contact the desktop or the ground part of the rubber design to increase contact damping, while the entire product center of gravity, double protection so that the speaker will not appear side to side phenomenon. There is also a subwoofer at the bottom, bringing super shocking listening enjoyment.

2, use the review

One of the highlights of this speaker is a strong upgrade lighting design, improve the original upper light lower acoustic system product structure, 360-degree full-screen LED light show, so you become the focus of the whole scene. The dazzling lights can be switched by directly touching the light change button on the upper part of the speaker. You can also use the cell phone APP to control.

Cell phones download the JBL Connect application, you can choose your favorite single-color or multi-color lighting effect according to the type of music being played, and you can also select a variety of states within the application such as wave, balanced, rainbow, and flame. In addition, PULSE4 can also customize the exclusive light show to make your party more unique. Pairing mode is also available through the mobile app, allowing multiple devices to play the most beautiful notes together.

JBL PULSE4 has IPX7 waterproof level, so that every moment, easy to enjoy the company of music, whether in the lively pool party or the beach, the bath, you can use this speaker. dead-end 360-degree sound to bring extraordinary listening enjoyment. PULSE4 by adjusting the body at both ends of the soundhole and speaker structure to ensure that any corner of the room in the sound performance is not bad. The overall music enjoyment is excellent, with clear vocals, heavy bass, and full sound quality.

Through the cell phone APP, JBL PULSE4 portable Bluetooth speaker can easily choose the dazzling ambient light. You can also choose to connect multiple JBL speakers through PARTYBOOST to achieve interconnected playback, bringing a more rhythmic three-dimensional sound for the party, you can also set different dazzling lights to help the atmosphere constantly hot party scene.

JBL PULSE4 has a stable Bluetooth link, so that the music continues uninterrupted. The latency rate is low during daily audio and video playback. The sound quality is also good.

Overall, the JBL PULSE4 has a superb value and its performance is nothing less than impressive. For young people seeking freshness and fashion, this product is still worth getting. Waterproof performance, ultra-long standby, pure sound quality, dazzling lights all make this PULSE4, the best in the speaker world.

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