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Bluetooth headset recommendations, buy true wireless Bluetooth headset should pay attention to what points? 5 popular Bluetooth headset recommendations!

What is a true wireless Bluetooth headset Here is the main introduction of portable headphones, the evolutionary history is probably as follows. True wireless Bluetooth headset is now deservedly mainstream, even the subway on the grandparents can be skilfully removed from the headset box and wear, talking into the air. Compared with the traditional wired […]

Wireless charging in the car is very “chicken”? This is the correct opening position!

Cell phones as a necessity, the replacement frequency is getting faster and faster, the manufacturers are also changing ways to upgrade the technology. QI’s wireless fast charging technology was exposed and quickly became a strong selling point. Today, wireless charging technology is indeed increasingly mature, both to avoid the tedious line cord and save the […]

JBL PULSE4 review: dazzling sound quality, visible good sound

As a lover of life after 80, digital products have a great love. Especially the audio-visual products, especially like. I recently got this new product: JBL PULSE4 Music Pulse IV portable Bluetooth speaker. The first time to review with you, this super hot speaker, in the end, what is the charm? 1, unboxing review The […]